Life and works of Elton John

by Eric J. Nimbus and Andrea Grasso

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25th March 1947


Reginald Kenneth Dwight was born on the 25th March 1947. His father, Stanley, and his mother, Sheila Harris, were in the council house of Sheila's parents, Fred and Ivy Harris, in 55, Pinner Hill Road in the little village of Pinner Green.

Stanley worked as officer-traininger for the Royal Air Force and Sheila worked as a clerk in the Costal Cammand's complex in Northwood; owing to their jobs the couple could guarantee a middle class life style to the family.

In the picture on the left side the three-month-old  Reginald is with his paternal grandparents, Ellen and Edwyn Dwight.


- 25th March 1947 -